Why Have ACL Injuries Increased?: ACL Injury Prevention Series $0.00

Why Have ACL Injuries Increased?: ACL Injury Prevention Series

By: Rebecca Moore |
Why Have ACL Injuries Increased?: ACL Injury Prevention Series

If you missed Episode One in the ACL Injury Prevention Series, check it out now to learn how ACL tears and sprains occur and the different types of ACL injuries!

According to a 2014 study done by Dodwell et al., there are 200,000 to 250,000 ACL injuries annually in the United States: a dramatic increase in the past 20 years. This raises the question: why have ACL injuries increased, and what else can go wrong?

Our ACL Injury Prevention Series featuring Trent Nessler PT, MPT, DPT will be sharing insights and research-proven exercises from The PhysioSports National ACL Initiative to help athletes stay safe, healthy and game ready.

Why ACL Injuries Have Increased & the Associated Injuries

This week, we’re getting to the root of the problem. Watch as Dr. Nessler explains:

  • Why ACL problems have become more prevalent
  • The other problems that can be associated with ACL injuries
  • Watch the video below and stop back weekly for more of Dr. Nessler and our ACL Injury Prevention Series!

    With the strong prevalence of the ACL injury in athletics today, TheraBand and Cramer, along with Physiotherapy Associates and Dr. Trent Nessler, know that it’s important to be on the forefront of the injury prevention program. We’re excited to announce that, through our partnership, an ACL Injury prevention kit will be released in March of 2016. Each kit will be filled with the expert insights, exercises and all of the tools you need to prehab, rehab and train your athletes.

    Source: Dodwell et al. 2014. 20 years of pediatric anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in New York State. Am J Sports Med. 42(3):675-80.