Use Kinesiology Tape and Biofreeze Together Safely in 2 Steps $0.00

Use Kinesiology Tape and Biofreeze Together Safely in 2 Steps

By: Rebecca Moore |
Use Kinesiology Tape and Biofreeze Together Safely in 2 Steps

Not to toot our own horns, but we know a thing or two about kinesiology tape and topical analgesics. We know that TheraBand Kinesiology Tape has the best in-class adhesion when put up against the competition. We know that Biofreeze has been proven to deliver powerful pain relief year after year. We know that using both in conjunction with one another doesn’t obstruct the adhesion of the tape or the benefits of Biofreeze, and puts our competitors to shame once again.

Clinicians have been using both of these powerhouse products in the pursuit of pain relief for years: some of them correctly, some of them incorrectly. To reduce the chance of irritation or adverse reactions, combining kinesiology tape and Biofreeze together must be done in a specific order. Here’s the perfect protocol!

How to use kinesiology tape and Biofreeze together safely

It’s simple:

  1. Apply the kinesiology tape (the correct way).
  2. Spray the Biofreeze on and around the taped area.

Watch Now!!

Don’t forget about your patient’s pain relief at home!

One of the greatest benefits of both kinesiology tape and topical analgesics is the convenience. Both modalities can easily be used at home, work or on the go. Adding to the list of things we know from earlier, we also know that you’re utilizing clinical retailing to generate additional revenue and provide your patients with additional value (and, if you’re not, do yourself a favor and check this out). Make sure you’re stocking both of these items in your clinic so your patients can experience pain relief anywhere!

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