TRAC 2018: Performance Health Scientific Advisory Board Presents Research $0.00

TRAC 2018: Performance Health Scientific Advisory Board Presents Research

By: Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, LAT | Nov 27, 2018
TRAC 2018: Performance Health Scientific Advisory Board Presents Research


The 20th annual meeting of the Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee (TRAC) was held recently in New Orleans. 18 international researchers and clinicians presented their original research on Performance Health products. Researchers representing various clinical disciplines (physical therapy, athletic training, chiropractic, exercise science, and sports medicine) listened to 26 presentations. Their abstracts were published in the Journal of Performance Health Research.

The TRAC 2018 members were:

  • Lacy Alexander PhD (USA)
  • Lars Andersen PhD (Denmark)
  • David Behm PhD (Canada)
  • Bart Bishop PT (USA)
  • Tony Brosky PT DHS (USA)
  • Duane Button PhD (Canada)
  • Juan Colado PhD (Spain)
  • Todd Ellenbecker PT (USA)
  • Joe Gallo DSc PT AT (USA)
  • Jay Greenstein DC (USA)
  • Barb Hoogenboom EdD PT ATC (USA)
  • Andre Labbe PT (USA)
  • Michael Rogers PhD (USA)
  • Jena Slaski ATC (USA)
  • Greg Stewart MD (USA)
  • Tim Tyler PT ATC (USA)
  • Mike Voight PT, DHs, ATC (USA)
  • Leo Wang PhD PT (China)

Some key findings from TRAC included:

Dr. Barton Bishop and colleagues in Washington DC evaluated 106 acute lower back pain patients received either Biofreeze Spray, TheraBand Kinesiology Tape, a combination of Tape & Spray, or advice; in addition to 3 visits of rehab (1 week). While all 4 groups significantly improved in pain, only the treatment groups including Biofreeze and tape significantly improved their disability, fear avoidance and range of motion.Bishop et al 2018. Effect of Biofreeze®, TheraBand® kinesiology tape, or the combination of products, on acute low back pain and disability (Abstract) J Perform Health Res 2(2):7

Dr. Juan Colado and his colleagues at the University of Valencia in Spain compared ‘high-speed’ TheraBand CLX training with ‘multi-component’ training including CLX (with balance & aerobic activities) in older women with metabolic syndrome. They found that CLX training was effective at improving body composition, metabolic parameters, bone health, immune system markers, and physical performance in older women with metabolic syndrome. They also noted that different training regimes may provide better outcomes.Colado et al 2018. Effects of multicomponent and power training programs using elastic devices on motor function, body composition, and metabolic, bone and inflammatory profile in older adults (Abstract) J Perform Health Res 2(2):4-5

Dr. Lars Andersen and his research team in Copenhagen Denmark investigated 66 patients with chronic lower back pain, randomly assigning them to either back school training or lower back exercises including TheraBand CLX for 8 weeks. They found those using the CLX to be 3 times more likely to have meaningful pain reduction and twice as likely to improve disability with CLX exercise compared to back school. In addition, they found large effect sizes for increased lumbar strength in the CLX group.Calatayud et al 2018. Effectiveness of progressive TheraBand® strength training performed in primary care for patients with chronic low back pain: randomized controlled trial (Abstract) J Perform Health Res 2(2):5-6

Dr. Jay Greenstein and colleagues in Washington DC investigated 52 patients with acute neck pain, randomly assigning either Biofreeze or Placebo. After 1 week, patients using Biofreeze had significant improvements in pain and disability, while placebo group did not improve.Greenstein et al 2018. Immediate and short-term effect of Biofreeze® versus placebo on acute neck pain and disability (Abstract) J Perform Health Res 2(2):8-9

Dr. Duane Button and his colleagues in Newfoundland, Canada induced DOMS in 20 experienced runners, then randomly applied either Biofreeze or placebo. They evaluated running mechanics and pain before and afterward. The researchers found twice as much pain relief in Biofreeze group, as well as increased knee range of motion while running after application of Biofreeze.Gagnon et al. 2018. The effect of Biofreeze® on delayed onset muscle soreness–induced changes to running biomechanics (Abstract) J Perform Health Res 2(2):10-11

TRAC 2018 research abstracts can be downloaded here.

In addition to performing original research and presenting at the TRAC meeting, members contribute throughout the year with publications and presentations to support evidence-based practice with Performance Health products. In the past 18 months, TRAC members have published 27 manuscripts in research journals and 14 abstracts at scientific conferences.