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The Journal of Performance Health Research: Summer 2018

By: Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, LAT | Oct 4, 2018
Journal of Performance Health Research


The latest issue of the Journal of Performance Health Research is now available for free download. The bi-annual, open-access journal sponsored by Performance Health includes peer-reviewed articles, and is indexed in Google Scholar. The current issue includes these original articles:

Lidegaard M et al. Muscle Activity During a Single Set of Resistance Training to Failure in Women With Chronic Neck-Shoulder Pain Before and After 10 Weeks Training. J Perform Health Res. 2018. 2(1):1-9.

A 10-week exercise program of lateral raises with TheraBand resistance significantly reduced pain and increased muscle strength in women with chronic neck and shoulder pain

Topp R et al. Management of Chronic Neck and/or Low Back Pain With a Multimodal Non-Pharmacological Pain Relief Kit. J Perform Health Res. 2018. 2(1):10-18.

Chronic neck and back pain patients using the Safer Pain Relief kit including TheraBand, Biofreeze and kinesiology tape significantly reduced their pain and medication consumption, as well as improved self-reported function after 3 weeks.

Behm DG et al. Use of Topical Analgesic and Rolling Alone or in Combination Does Not Increase Flexibility, Pain Pressure Threshold, and Fatigue Endurance—A Repeated-Measures Randomized, Within-Subjects, Exploratory Study. J Perform Health Res. 2018. 2(1):19-26.

This study found using Biofreeze with roller massage does not have additional benefits for flexibility, pressure pain threshold, or fatigue endurance.

Hoogenboom BJ et al. 2D Video Analysis of the Effects of Theraband® CLX Neuromuscular Exercises on Overhead Deep Squat: An Observational Cohort Study. J Perform Health Res. 2018. 2(1):27-39.

Subjects with dysfunctional squat mechanics improved their movement patterns after corrective exercises with TheraBand CLX.

Call for Papers: Authors are encouraged to submit their original research articles with studies using TheraBand and Biofreeze products. Submission guidelines are available here. The deadline for submission for the winter issue is October 31.