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Roller Massager+ Elongated Deep Neck Release

By: | Jan 13, 2012
Roller Massager+ Elongated Deep Neck Release

Exercise Instructions

Step One

Seated on a chair or stability ball with feet planted firmly on ground, grasp both ends of the Thera-Band Roller Massager+ so that ridged roller is positioned diagonally on one side just above the inside tip of the shoulder blade.

Step Two

Sit upright in solid posture, with head balanced directly above shoulders. Lower opposite ear toward shoulder and then look down into armpit on same side to place a slight stretch on the deep neck muscles.

Step Three

Gently roll the Massager+ up and down along the path of the levator scapulae muscle, controlling the depth through controlling the amount of pressure placed on the muscle. Work one side at a time. Be sure to keep diagonal angle throughout the motion and to significantly reduce pressure when rolling on up into the neck. . In general, longer strokes in this elongated position will work more superficial layers of the tissue.