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Pressure Mapping Webinar - Recorded

Pressure Mapping Webinar


An objective measurement tool used as an adjunct to clinical evaluation, pressure mapping aids in identifying and quantifying seating and positioning issues as well as assessing proposed patient-specific solutions. Learn the basics of what pressure mapping can add to a clinical evaluation, how to interpret results and how to use the information to improve patient outcomes.

Date Recorded:

March 27, 2018


Dr. Kirsten Davin OTDR/L, ATP, SMS

About the Instructor:

Kristen Davin Headshot

Dr. Kirsten Davin, OTD, OTR/L, ATP, SMS is an occupational therapist, Assistive Technology Professional and Seating and Mobility Specialist, who has been in practice nearly 18 years, with a focus on wheelchair seating and positioning and acute care rehabilitation. She has been working closely with Performance Health for the last couple of years in product design and clinical consulting, and has authored Performance Health Academy's 12-part wheelchair seating and positioning series.

Pressure Mapping from Performance Health on Vimeo.