Kinesiology Taping: Upper Extremity - Recorded $0.00

Kinesiology Taping: Upper Extremity - Recorded

Upper extremity kinesiology taping


Upper extremity kinesiology taping can be an effective adjunct to other therapy in the management of upper extremity pain. Join expert Andre Labbe, PT, MOMT for a demonstration on several kinesiology taping techniques that you can take to clinic and use with your patients.

Date Recorded:

August 14, 2018


Andre Labbe, PT, MOMT

About the Instructor:

Director of Clinical Services
Owner - A&K Physical Therapy, New Orleans, Louisiana

André received his BS in Physical Therapy in 1991 from Louisiana State University Medical Center. André received his Masters in Orthopedic and Manual Therapy from the Ola Grimsby Institute. He worked with Vladimir Janda for seven years integrating sensorimotor training in the U.S. medical model. André served as the Clinical Services Coordinator for HealthSouth Corp. Gulf South Region. He is currently the owner of A&K Physical Therapy where he is active in clinical practice and research involving elastic resistance dosing and surface electromyography. He has published numerous articles related to elastic resistance. André’s interest is in functional strength training for athletes and patients with emphasis on the effects of Bruegger training and EMG activity. He also has extensive knowledge and experience with kinesiology taping methods and applications. André has consulted with Olympic athletes and a number of NFL and golf professional athletes. He served as the team physical therapist for the New Orleans Saints.

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