CLX: Techniques for Mobility Using CLX and IASTM (12/11/2018) $0.00

CLX: Techniques for Mobility Using CLX and IASTM (12/11/2018)



Utilize IASTM in your clinic? Attend this webinar to learn several mobility techniques to take your IASTM to the next level. Dr. Shawn Burger incorporates TheraBand CLX with his IASTM techniques to improve mobility of the tissues while loaded. He will also cover several tools for patients to incorporate into their home programs to further support progress made in the clinic.

  • Advanced IASTM principles
  • Techniques for incorporating TheraBand CLX
  • Mobility tools to incorporate in your patient’s home program



Shawn Burger, DPT, MPT

About the Instructor:

Owner of PearFIT

Dr. Burger received his Master's in Physical Therapy in 1998 from Loma Linda University School of Allied Health; later earning a transitional Doctorate from the University of St. Scholastica. Shawn has extensive experience through the continuum of rehab having owned, operated and or managed programs from acute, skilled nursing as well as multiple location outpatient clinics. Currently, he owns and operates PearFit Physical Therapy, a unique startup that focuses on rehab system implementation, specifically standardization of delivery models. Dr. Burger previously operated Burger Physical Therapy, one of the largest private practices in California. He led the early adoption of electronic health records becoming one of the first practices in California to adopt solutions in 2003. Shawn has a personal interest in identifying value added solutions to rehab; he has extensive history working with HMO / Capitation contracts and teaches others how to maximize best practices. He currently lectures internationally on various topics of manual therapy, rehab, and business management solutions; in addition, Dr. Burger sits on the California legislative health care advisory committee which serves to advise public health policies. Shawn lives with his wife and two children in Northern California.