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Theraband Kinesiology Tape: Research and Methods

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The first course in this four-part series on TheraBand Kinesiology Tape focuses on the research and methods of kinesiology taping. Kinesiology taping is a popular clinical intervention, yet there remains controversy about its efficacy. Typically applied to reduce musculoskeletal pain, other claims of efficacy include improvements in strength, range of motion, swelling, and function. Research behind the efficacy of applying specific patterns, directions, and tape tensions remain scarce despite widespread training programs. This course provides a scientifically-based approach to applying kinesiology tape and by recognizing the limitations in the literature. By combining the best available evidence with clinical experience and patient presentation, clinicians will make better clinical decisions when using kinesiology tape.

This is the first course in the four-part TheraBand Kinesiology Tape series. Please be sure watch the following three courses:

TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape: Basic Applications of the Upper Quarter
TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape: Basic Applications of the Lower Quarter
TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape: Clinical Integration

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Course Objectives:

Chapter 1: Research

□Identify different types of clinical tape

□Learn the history of kinesiology taping

□Identify theories behind kinesiology taping

Chapter 2: Interpreting the Literature

□Learn key points in interpreting literature

□Understand the difference between clinical and statistical significance

□Learn the importance of the effect size and confidence intervals

Chapter 3: Research Outcomes and Tension

□Learn the results of meta-analysis of kinesiology taping

□Identify various outcomes and evidence supporting kinesiology taping

□Understand the evidence supporting tension in kinesiology taping

Chapter 4: TheraBand Method

□Learn how to use the XactStretch technology of TheraBand kinesiology tape

□Implement the TheraBand Kinesiology taping method

□Identify the appropriate tension to apply for specific outcomes

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Dr. Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, LAT

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These courses are approved for OT, AT and PT*

*check MedBridge website for approval details for the following states: PA, MD, OK, NJ, FL, MN, OH, NV, LA, NM, WV, AR.