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Advocating for Your Athletes: The Challenges Facing Student-Athletes Today

By: Rebecca Moore | Feb 2, 2017

You are the first line of defense for the athletes you care for. Whether that involves treating their injuries or helping them cope with the high demands of being a successful student-athlete, your players are relying on you to have the knowledge and insight necessary to help them endure every challenge.

As athletic trainers, we are multi-faceted,” said Collin Francis, MS, ATC, LAT from Indiana University. “We do the sports psych, we do the personal issues, we deal with the injuries; we see these student athletes more than their parents and their coaches, even their friends outside of school. So we are very important in making sure that the overall health of the student athlete is ok.

The challenges facing student-athletes today

No matter what level of athletics you are working with, balance is key. Student-athletes are juggling intense practice, training and game schedules, class schedules, the course loads from these classes and squeezing in time to eat, sleep and hang out with friends. If time becomes tight, which one of these elements do the athletes sacrifice? No matter what they pick, it results in a negative outcome.

Student-athletes also feel an incredible amount of pressure to play through injuries and not miss a second of the action. In critical situations like concussions, playing off the severity of an injury can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, a lot of athletes would choose the glory and responsibility of playing in a game over their future health.

What are more challenges athletic trainers see their athletes face, and how can you help each person make the best decisions for their overall health? Hear from four elite athletic trainers in the video below and the dilemmas they face on a daily basis: