7 Essential Products to Treat Patients On-the-Go or in a Small Clinic $0.00

7 Essential Products to Treat Patients On-the-Go or in a Small Clinic

By: Rebecca Moore |
7 Essential Products to Treat Patients On-the-Go or in a Small Clinic

While every clinician would love to work in a large clinic or treatment area with all the latest-and-greatest tools and technologies, it’s likely that you’re working under space or budget restrictions instead. Maybe you even treat patients outside of a traditional clinic setting, and you’re looking for the essentials to pack with you. In either of these situations, you’ll need some basic staples to always keep around to ensure you can provide quality patient care and build the trust and confidence of your patients. Here are our recommendations to make you the champion of whatever environment you practice in.

7 Tools to Deliver Exceptional Treatment

1. Elastic Resistance

Strengthening exercises are a staple in most treatment programs, and you’re likely no stranger to the use of elastic resistance for certain types of exercises. But what about dynamic or more difficult moves? When you’re on the road or have limited space, you can’t expect to have dumbbells, kettlebells or machines available whenever you need them. That’s when an elastic resistance band like the TheraBand CLX, comes in handy!

It may be hard to believe that a small band can deliver the same results that traditional weights can, but the data doesn’t lie. Studies have shown that replacing isotonic resistance with elastic resistance delivers the same torque, EMG and outcomes, so you can feel confident about using this simple tool. Other reasons to love TheraBand CLX elastic resistance bands include:

  • The Price - Elastic resistance is a cost-effective way for you or your patients to take the gym with them wherever they go.
  • The Size - Unlike racks of dumbbells or big machines, they’ll take up very little space and fit nicely in a gym bag, purse or even a pocket!
  • The Convenience - Never tie another knot again! Unlike traditional flat bands, the TheraBand CLX bands come pre-made with loops down the entire band, which give you the opportunity to do exercises with multiple grips or with no grip at all. You can even connect the band across the body for dynamic, simultaneous upper and lower body work.

CLX bands also pair perfectly with accessories to make elastic resistance workouts even more meaningful. Which brings us to the next recommendation...

Elastic Resistance

2. Door Anchors and a Wall Station

There are certain exercises that require a particular vector to complete that the human body alone cannot replicate. However, you need a way to do this that doesn’t add bulky or heavy equipment. Thankfully, you can now perform these moves and treat the whole body with your TheraBand CLX bands and the TheraBand CLX Wall Station or Door Anchor (with proper safety training, of course!).

In small clinics, the thin, streamlined Wall Station easily mounts to the wall for strengthening, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises. Slide the attachments along the track for multiple, adjustable anchor points and prescription markers for progress tracking. Cheaper than stocking up on machines, the Wall Station is crucial for anyone looking to save space without sacrificing efficacy.

For home programs or training on-the-go, the TheraBand Door Anchor is designed to give users the same experience as the Wall Station. Because the anchor can be placed inside a door or wrapped around a solid, anchored surface, patients can use their TheraBand CLX bands in ways that were never possible outside of the clinic until now.

Door Anchors and a Wall Station

3. Stability Trainers

Balance training is used in fall prevention, arthritis pain management, UCL rehabilitation, ACL rehabilitation and more. No need to give it up just because you’re working in a different clinic setting! Saving space while balance training is simple with TheraBand Stability Trainers or TheraBand Rocker and Wobble Boards.

Offering five different levels of difficulty, the stability trainers and boards give you the ability to do balance training progression the right way, and with very little equipment. Even better, the black TheraBand Stability Trainer, Rocker Board and Wobble Boards have a surface with rounded points providing tactile inputs for sensorimotor training.

Stability Trainers

4. Portable Treatment Table

Patients often need somewhere comfortable to lay during treatment, and you need to treat them at a comfortable height off the ground so you can perform with correct ergonomics. Keeping a portable treatment table or two around will help you while you’re in the clinic and give you the option to stash in a car or bus to treat patients in particular places.

Portable Treatment Table

5. Biofreeze

No matter if you’re treating your patient for an injury, having them perform strengthening exercises or performing even the simplest modality, some degree of pain is inevitable. Instead of leaving them to feel the burn for hours or days post-treatment, always keep a bottle of Biofreeze Professional around.

While ice may be just as portable and definitely cheaper, Biofreeze has been proven to outperform ice (decreasing pain nearly two times as much) and is substantially more comfortable, preferred and longer lasting. On top of that, years of research have proven that that Biofreeze:

  • Treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain. Whether your patients are suffering from arthritis pain or dealing with DOMS, Biofreeze Professional provides evidence-based relief.
  • Pairs well with clinical treatments. Biofreeze Professional can be integrated into regular treatments from professionals like chiropractors or massage therapists to enhance the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Can be used safely to enhance pain relief during the usage of kinesiology tape. But only if done correctly!

Because Biofreeze Professional is small and portable, you and your patients can keep it with you wherever you go for pain relief in an instant.


6. Stretch Strap

For patients with mobility restrictions or anyone in need of a good stretch beyond what elastic resistance can provide, the TheraBand Stretch Strap is the perfect solution for your economic clinic, home program or travel bag. Much like the CLX band, the Stretch Strap is designed with loops for comfort and progress. A small amount of elasticity within the band delivers a high degree of stretching control, and is suited for dynamic stretches that would otherwise require a partner to complete.

Stretch Strap

7. An Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) Tool

That’s right; just ONE tool. After all, if you’re building a smaller clinic on a budget, keeping one tool around is the best way to save space and travel light. IASTM is a great way to deliver powerful soft tissue treatment while protecting your hands, but there are so many different shapes and sizes of IASTM tools that deliver different results. So how do you choose which type to keep around? Lucky for you, the HawkGrips HGPro Multi-Instrument allows you to carry the power of four tools condensed into one, easy-to-use-and-carry tool.

The HGPro Multi-Instrument is the most versatile instrument in the industry, featuring seven different convex and concave treatment edges for every part of the body. It’s ergonomically designed for clinician comfort and even features a patented cross-hatch design, providing exceptional grip to help reduce hand and wrist fatigue. No matter where you’re treating patients, you can trust the HGPro Multi-Instrument to give you big-clinic results anywhere you go.

An Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization IASTM Tool

A Bonus Benefit of These Products

The majority of these tools are great for patients to keep with them to perform rehabilitative, preventative or performance-enhancing exercises at home. So why not provide them with the tools they need while increasing your revenue? Retailing is a great way to adapt to the ever-changing clinical landscape and ensuring your patients achieve their desires results both inside and outside of the clinic. Add space-conscious retail kiosks in your clinic to start selling some of these solutions and take advantage of this win-win strategy!

If you want to learn more about how you can integrate these tools into your clinic, contact your Performance Health sales representative, or visit our website to speak with one of our clinical experts!