12 Days of Holiday Giveaways $0.00

12 Days of Holiday Giveaways

By: Emily Nichols |
12 Days of Holiday Giveaways

‘Tis the season of giving, and Performance Health Academy has some presents for you this holiday season! 12 days’ worth of presents…to be exact. We want you to feel like a kid on Christmas morning when you (hopefully) win one of the giveaways, and your shipment arrives on your doorstep.

These presents could be well-known and loved products of ours that you use almost daily. Or it could be a product that you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on yet. Who knows? It could end up being your new favorite!

To put the topper on the tree, each day of the giveaway will include an awesome product-related video just for you.

Giveaway Presents

Day #1: December 7th

Stay warm this winter season by bundling up in your new Performance Health Academy sweatshirt! Choose between a black, grey, or white hoodie with either our blue or white logo. This will be your new favorite hoodie…and you’ll be representing your favorite company at the same time.

Day #2: December 10th

Prevent the soreness and encourage the recovery of muscles after running, lifting weights, or any other form of exercise. Try out your new TheraBand Pro Foam Roller and three (3) TheraBand Foam Roller Wraps to enhance your recovery process!

Day #3: December 11th

Everyone’s favorite…Biofreeze! You can never have too much lying around. We’ll give you three (3) different application styles so you can pick your favorite way of getting fast-acting pain relief.

Day #4: December 12th

Show some color or be a little more subtle. Which one will you choose? You’ll have your option once you receive your three (3) different rolls of TheraBand Kinesiology Tape. Between the best-in-class adhesive and unique, breakthrough XactStretch indicators, we’re confident you’ll never use another kinesiology tape again!

Day #5: December 13th

Balance, strength, and stability are always of importance. But with the snow and ice hitting the ground these next few months, what better time to train and improve than now?! You’ll be getting two (2) TheraBand Stability Trainers and a TheraBand Rocker Board so you can have a progressive system of balance training.

Day #6: December 14th

Everyone wants to get their hands on some TheraBand CLX. With continuous loops throughout, you’re able to perform exercises that were never before possible. You can win three (3) TheraBand CLX Resistance Bands and a TheraBand CLX Anchor on one condition. You have to let us know your favorite exercise to perform using the bands!

Day #7: December 17th

Let’s get flexible! With your TheraBand Stretch Strap and TheraBand Roller Massager, you can do just that. With a stretch strap designed exclusively for stretching, there’s added loops for comfort and progress. Not only is your roller massager proven to increase flexibility in seconds, but it also aids in myofascial release to help relieve soreness and pain experience after injury, surgery, or exercise!

Day #8: December 18th

Say your goodbyes to foot pain! Grab your TheraBand Foot Roller (chilled or on-the-go) and give yourself a gentle foot massage, alleviating discomfort and soreness. You’ve heard of the Tyler Twist exercise, right? Well now you can have the tool to do it! The TheraBand FlexBar is made for stretching the upper extremities to help reduce muscle soreness and joint pain.

Day #9: December 19th

Hot or cold? Whichever you choose, these three (3) TheraPearl Packs can handle it. You’ll be saving space by getting everything you need in just one product! Treat your muscle soreness with soothing heat or swelling with therapeutic cold.

Day #10: December 20th

It’s time to make room for two (2) new TheraBand Exercise Balls! You can use these in both a personal and professional setting allowing them to be a favorite versatile product. Balance and posture exercises, core strengthening, yoga, and Pilates are just a few!

Day #11: December 21th

We’re sure you have your hands on some TheraBand CLX by now. If you do, you’ll be extremely grateful to hear that you could be the owner of a TheraBand CLX Wall Station! Easily mount it to your clinic wall for strength training, physical therapy, and rehabilitation exercises. By combining your TheraBand CLX resistance bands with station anchors, you’ll have a virtually limitless amount of effective exercises for strength, flexibility, and recovery. This is an essential add to your clinic!

Day #12: December 24th

We’re pretty sure all of the cool clinicians are using instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization these days. Whether you’re new to the hype or improving your skills, the HawkGrips HGPro Multi-Instrument can help! It is the single most versatile instrument in the industry. Once you get your hands on your new tool, check out both the online and live courses that HawkGrips offers!

Entering the Giveaway


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Giveaway Contest Rules


  • Each individual may enter once per day on each social media platform (Therefore, an individual can have up to three entries for a single day of the giveaway contest)
  • Anyone found to use multiple accounts and/or fake accounts to enter will be ineligible


  • The contest is open to those who, at the time of entry, are 18 or older and live within the United States
  • The contest is not open to entry where prohibited or restricted by law and is not open to employees

Selection of Winners

  • The winner of the previous day’s giveaway will be randomly selected and notified by 10 A.M. EST. They will be notified via direct message through the social media account in which they entered the giveaway contest

Claiming Prize

  • After notification of winning via direct message, the winners will have three (3) business days to claim their giveaway prize. If the winner fails to do so, another entrant may be selected as a winner

Performance Health Academy’s “12 Days of Holiday Giveaways” contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.