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Scrape, Tape, and Move is a comprehensive and engaging full-day continuing education course that provides a scie...

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The Differences Between Biofreeze Professional and the Original Biofreeze (and The Biofreeze Spring Promotion!)

It’s that time of the year again! The Biofreeze spring promotion is a yearly treat for chiropractors, as well as any other clinician utilizing the topical analgesic in their daily practice. This great deal yields phenomenal savings and is a sought-after tradition; and this year, we’ve added a twist. The major difference that sets th...

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Factors affecting pain relief in response to physical exercise interventions among healthcare workers.

Female healthcare workers with musculoskeletal pain can significantly reduce their pain after a 10 week exercise program including TheraBand elastic bands. Greater reduction in pain was seen if they exercised in the workplace, as compared to at home; adherence was also associated with better outcomes.

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